Set up and manage your mobile proxies

  • Launch in just 2 steps - 2 clicks
  • Access 20+ different functions

Launch mobile proxies in 5 minutes with no special knowledge required. Fully automated process from the moment your equipment is connected.

    • Equipment order

      To create mobile proxies, you will need equipment. We have prepared the best kits, which include a microcomputer, USB hub, and 4G modems. Simply place your order online and wait for delivery.

    • Equipment assembly

      After receiving the equipment, you must assemble and connect it to the power and internet. Then, insert SIM cards from a GSM carrier with an active internet plan into the modems.

    Buying and assembling the equipment

    We tested a large number of equipment and chose the best options, in terms of price / quality, from what is on the market today.

    All that is needed is to simply place an order for the desired option of a set of equipment and wait for delivery.

    After receiving the equipment, it must be assembled and connected to the electrical network and the Internet. It's very simple.

    Before installing modems, you must insert a SIM card from a GSM operator with an active plan for the Internet.

    • Automatic data configuration

      After being powered on, the equipment will automatically set up and be displayed in the mobile proxy control panel.

    • Setup completed

      This completes the connection, and mobile proxies are ready to use!

    Automatic data configuration

    Connecting the equipment to the Proxy CRM control panel is done automatically, all that's required is to connect to the power and internet.

    We ship pre-configured microcomputers and 4G modems, so once you turn them on, you can immediately access the mobile proxy control panel and start using the product.

Use only what you need

  • Basic
    /1 modem /1 month
    • Modem management
    • Export proxies
  • Advanced
    /1 modem /1 month
    • User management
    • Limit settings
    • Dedicated domain for the reboot
  • 5-Dongle Kit

    For newbies

    • Micro server
    • 5х USB Modem
    • USB Hub
    • Cables and adapters
    • Worldwide free shipping
  • 10-Dongle Kit

    For newbies

    • Micro server
    • 10х USB Modem
    • USB Hub
    • Cables and adapters
    • Worldwide free shipping
  • 20-Dongle Kit

    For newbies

    • Micro server
    • 20х USB Modem
    • USB Hub
    • Cables and adapters
    • Worldwide free shipping
  • 40-Dongle Kit

    For newbies

    • Micro server
    • 40х USB Modem
    • USB Hubs
    • Cables and adapters
    • Worldwide free shipping

I have equipment, can I connect?

You get more than you pay

  • Individual plan

    This solution enables you to manage the pricing plan for each modem separately. You can upgrade to the Advanced plan at any time for additional features.

  • Time-based IP rotation

    This functionality enables you to automatically change the IP at a specified time interval. You can also manually change the IP or use a link to change it.

  • Limit setting

    This is an important function for controlling speed and bandwidth limits, and it is installed on each modem individually. Users can set their own speed and traffic limits according to their needs.

  • User management

    The function of creating an additional user and managing it is useful for users who sell or transfer mobile proxies to third parties.

  • User limitation

    Individually limit proxy usage for each modem user.

CRM is ideal for

  • Arbitrageurs

    Mobile proxies allow unlimited bandwidth for traffic arbitrage, eliminating the need to track usage in gigabytes

  • SMMs

    Mobile proxies offer a range of powerful features that put interval, speed, and availability settings just one click away

  • SEO agencies

    Cut out the middlemen and enjoy the cost of mobile proxies based on GSM carrier internet rates - you won't find a better price

  • Partners

    Sell mobile proxies to your clients or rent them out directly to Proxy-Seller and enjoy a great passive income


If there is no question of interest here, you can contact our online consultant at any time - 24/7 support without days off and holidays.

  • What's included in the starter kit for creating a proxy?
    The kit contains a mini PC server, USB modems, and a USB hub.
  • How long does it take to deliver the equipment?
    We use DHL for delivery, and the average delivery time is 5-7 days.
  • How much does shipping cost?
    The cost of delivery is already included in the price of the equipment.
  • Can I use my own equipment instead of purchasing from you?
    Currently, we do not recommend using your own equipment due to the inability to guarantee uninterrupted operation and the possibility of connecting unauthorized equipment to the mobile proxy panel.
  • For which sites can I use a proxy?
    Mobile 4G proxies are suitable for use on any site, as they have a high level of trust compared to data center proxies.
  • What format will the proxies be in?
    The proxies will be in HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 format, and username:password:port information.
  • If I choose a tariff plan for 5/10 modems, will I be able to switch to another plan in the future?
    Yes, you can switch to a tariff with a different number of modems at any time.
  • Can I create 5G mobile proxies?
    This feature is currently under development, specifically the ability to create mobile 5G proxies using Android phones.
  • Is there any kind of subscription? Or do I only pay for the equipment?
    Payment for the use of the mobile panel is realized in the form of a subscription. Users who already have their equipment pay a monthly fee for each modem they want to use. Users who do not have equipment need to purchase a starter kit as well as a subscription separately.
  • What is the difference between a Basic and Advanced plan?
    Advanced plan has improved functionality which includes: IP address history for every modem, dedicated domain for the reboot url, SMS functions, modem pause, number assignment for each modem, USB port allocation for each modem, note-taking feature for each modem, proxy export in various formats.
  • Do you provide SIM-cards?
    We do not provide SIM-cards, it is assumed that the user will use the SIM-cards of the mobile operator that has coverage in the country where the equipment will be installed.
  • Can I use a WiFi connection when creating a proxy?
    We strongly recommend to use direct Ethernet cable connection for better stablity and successful connectivity.
  • Can i use my own PC to connect hubs and modems?
    Yes, you can use any PC with Linux Armbian OS installed as microserver.
  • How many SIM-cards i can use per modem?
    One modem can use one SIM card only. For example, if you need 100 mobile proxies you must get 100 modems with 100 SIM-cards.
  • Can i pay for my subscription in advance?
    Yes, you can select the number of months to pay when selecting the subscription type for your modem

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Mobile proxies - setup and management

We offer a service that creates and manages mobile proxies without requiring special knowledge or skills in network technologies or programming. All settings are made automatically.

To get started, simply order the equipment, connect it to the power and Internet, insert the carrier's GSM SIM cards into the modems, and access Proxy CRM. Here, you can manage your mobile proxies and see the status of the connected equipment and SIM cards in the modems.

With Proxy CRM, you can use HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols, add users with a personal login and password, limit traffic, set IP change intervals, view connection status, current IP, and more, making mobile proxy management convenient and functional.

Our solution makes it easy to launch anywhere from a few to hundreds or thousands of mobile proxies for personal or commercial use.

To get a visual introduction to the capabilities of Proxy CRM, try out the demo version.